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The Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) is the United Kingdom Association serving and representing member boarding schools, training staff and promoting boarding education in both independent and state boarding schools.

While our member schools are listed here, and a prospective parent can browse for school websites of particular interest to them, the BSA does not operate an advisory service for parents seeking a boarding school. They are all our member schools and we do not recommend one more than another. We believe that finding the right school for the right child is hugely important. We believe that parents and students are the best people to make this decision. We offer a list of questions which should help parents identify what is important to them and their child and define their areas of choice, but BSA is not involved in the matching of child to school.

We hope that you find our website interesting, informative and easy to use. If you do experience any problems, please let us know and we will endeavour to fix it as soon as possible. This is a working site and we really appreciate your input for improvements.



Please check that your school’s entry in this website is accurate and up to date – has the Head changed? Have you moved to IB? Built a new boarding house? – and that any interesting current news has been included. Changes will need to be done via the Members’ Area. Do not forget that you may post advertisements for vacancies also in the Members’ Area.


Teachers and boarding staff

BSA offers terrific opportunities for professional development – the National Minimum Standards entitle boarding staff to access to CPD, and the BSA is the place to find it.

We offer:

  • Two year courses for both graduate and non-graduate staff working in boarding – these involve eight study days and two assignments, each about 4,000 words long. This is the flagship training opportunity for staff who are seriously interested in the business of boarding ·
  • A Diploma course for senior experienced boarding staff, involving three study days and two assignments spread between March and October ·
  • Over 60 day seminars on topics of particular interest to boarding/pastoral staff - e.g. Essentials of Boarding, Leading the Boarding Team, Meeting the Needs of Overseas Boarders ·
  • Seven residential conferences: for Heads, for Deputies, for boarding housestaff, for Matrons and Medical staff, for senior leaders in boarding prep schools and for marketing and admissions staff; and for all staff in the State Boarding Schools ·
  • Basic training on-line, for those very new to boarding

And, if you are ambitious or thinking of moving on, don’t forget to check Job Search if you wish to apply for a new position within a boarding school. Remember, evidence of your having completed any or all of our training will be useful on the CV!



We are delighted to welcome prospective parents to our website. We hope you will find it a useful place to do your research about possible schools for your child. Member schools are listed here, please use our School Search facility to assist you in looking for the right school. You can then access the schools’ own websites, which will really give you the flavour of what each school has to offer.

However, BSA does not offer an advisory service for parents. These are all our member schools, and we believe they are all great. For a parent, the task is to find exactly the right one.

Our advice to parents is more general about boarding than specific about individual schools. It is our remit to provide a showcase for the schools via which you can get to their own websites, to describe the advantages of boarding, to suggest useful questions to bear in mind when you begin your search.

BSA also has a couple of publications which would be of interest to parents – ‘Parenting the Boarder’ by Times journalist Libby Purves, and ‘Being a Boarder’ by her daughter, Rose Heiney. They make very good reading for those about to embark on the great adventure of boarding. Copies can be ordered on the website.

Robin Fletcher
Chief Executive


CREDIT: Image header taken from BSA member school Handcross Park

We understand that finding a school can be difficult, which is why we have attempted to make this process as easy for you as possible.

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