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Certificate Course

The BSA's Programme of Professional Development and Training is the most comprehensive package offered to staff in boarding schools, and includes the first and only university-validated programme of professional development specifically designed for the practical needs of boarding staff and providing a university qualification in Boarding Education.

Roehampton Professional Development:

BSA Roehampton Professional Development certificate course. This is a two year modular course accredited with the University of Roehampton. Qualifications awarded by Roehampton University.

Course Attendance and Costs (2016-2017)

Each Part of the Course costs £730.  This fee comprises of a Roehampton University registration and certification fee and the cost for each course study day.

NB: that all participants are required to attend all five study days for any given courseIf you wish to transfer to an alternative study day, please contact Liz McDonald at with your request, please note that all changes will incur an administration fee of £50 per day.

The cost to participants from schools not in membership of BSA will be £910.


If cancelling 4 weeks before Day 1 of the course, a refund (MINUS THE REGISTRATION FEE (if already registered at Roehampton University)) will be given/needs to be paid.  After this period and before Day 1, a charge of £120 plus the Registration Fee will need to be made. 

If cancelling once the course has started then a registration fee plus the number of days attended will need to be paid.

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Please complete Application and School Support form and return to Liz McDonald, Training Administrator, Boarding Schools' Association, 4th Floor, 134 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9SA


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Course Objectives?
    • to raise awareness of key issues of importance to boarding
    • to increase confidence and competence (especially for those with little boarding experience)
    • to bring boarding staff up to date with recent changes and developments
    • to provide opportunities to share experience and good practice with colleagues
    • to encourage reflection and critical evaluation of boarding practice and professional issues
    • to provide opportunities to study and develop expertise in specific areas of interest
    • to contribute towards school improvement and raising standards of pastoral care and welfare
    • to enhance a professional career path in boarding;to provide a university qualification in recognition of successful completion of the courses.
  • What do the Certificates consist of?

    Professional Development Certificate (graduate staff at level HE3)

    Part 1

    • Pastoral Care and Young People

    Part 2 Either

    • Management Issues in Boarding Schools
    • Or Health and Development Issues affecting Young People
    • Or Nursing Issues in Boarding School

    Professional Practice Certificate (non-graduate staff at level HE1)

    Part 1

    • Boarding Welfare and Pastoral Care

    Part 2 Either

    • Health and Development in Childhood and Adolescence
    • Or Studies in Boarding Management
  • How are these Certificates delivered?

    This comprises of five study days which are arranged on a regional basis so that students are able to select thelocation which best suit their needs. Students must attend all five sessions of each course. These Study Day sessionswill be tutored by a variety of specialist contributors as well as experienced boarding staff. Many sessions will benefitfrom joint contributions and discussion between non-teaching and teaching staff participants. Students are alsoexpected to read in and around the key topics and to carry out research.

  • Where and when are the courses run?

    The courses are arranged on a regional basis, with the Study Day sessions being held in one (or in some cases two) locations.

    The first date of each regional course is key and MUST be attended as it includes the essential introduction to the whole course/module. If this day is not attended, you will need to start on another course if available. 

    NB:  that all participants are required to attend all five study days for any given course.  If you wish to transfer to an alternative study day, please contact with your request, please note that all changes will incur an administrative fee of £50 per day. 


  • How is the Course Assessed?


    • PART 1 - completion of a 3,500 word Portfolio, reflecting the learning and understanding that has been developed in relation to course themes and the participant’s learning.
    • PART 2 - compilation of a Resource Pack on a chosen boarding/health and development theme, incorporating appropriate investigation and evaluation in school.


    • PART 1 - compilation of a 3,500 word Diary, reflecting the learning and understanding in relation to the themes of the course and the participant’s professional development.
    • PART 2 - will be assessed by the completion of an extended piece of written work (3,500-4,000 words), in the form of a short research project or an essay on an issue of importance and relevance to the participant.


  • How long will it take?

    Most participants will complete the two parts of the course in sequence, but it is possible to complete Part 2 before Part 1 if participants have had prior experience of working in a boarding setting. It is expected that most participants will complete both parts of the certificate during a two-year period, but some may be able to complete the whole course within a shorter time span.

  • What support will be available to me?

    Each course will be supported by a team of tutors and participants should have the support of a mentor (approved and appointed by the Head), who is likely to be a senior colleague in a position to support, encourage and assist the participant in day-to-day work, and in his/her progress through the course. The mentor will be briefed by BSA and will receive appropriate training and guidance. The course tutors for the taught components of the Certificates will also provide on-going support and help with the self-study units and assessment tasks.

    Participants are able to gain access to Roehampton’s Library and Resource Centre, and to reference sources at universities around the UK, as well as on-line reference material. Reading lists will be provided for each module of the course; schools are expected to provide such reference materials for their participants.

2 Certificates via 10 study days over 2 years at venues all over the country. You can do it, and the BSA can help.

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