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National Boarding Week


The Boarding Schools' Association aims to champion boarding and promote boarding excellence

National Boarding Week - June 18 - 24, 2018

Celebrate boarding get involved! #iloveboarding

In June for the third year running the Boarding Schools’ Association is hosting National Boarding Week. A week of fun activities designed to celebrate and promote boarding schools and communities around the world. Schools are invited to take part in the BSA national events and are also encouraged to arrange their own celebration activities!

Activities could include:

  • Boarding Hat Day - take part in children's charity Barnardo's Hat Day by having your boarders don their favourite (or weird and whacky) hats and raise money for children in need. Tweet your photos with the tag #nationalboardingweek 
  • Why I love boarding - encourage boarders to tweet in 25 words or less about why they love boarding, using the tag #iloveboarding 
  • Big Boarding Sleep – encourage day students to come and stay for the night to get a taste of what boarding is really like
  • Boarding bake off competition 
  • Boarders Run the UK - We want every boarder in the UK to run, walk or at least move one mile during the week. We will then announce how far our boarders have run!  
  • Big Boarding Bop – organise a school disco with proceeds going to Barnardo’s


Let BSA know your plans, we’d love to hear from you and see your photos!

Happy boarding! #iloveboarding

Download a copy of NBW poster