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Golden Jubilee Time Capsule

Golden Jubilee
Time Capsule

Bury a time capsule to celebrate the world of boarding in 2016 to be opened
at the 75th anniversary of the BSA (2041). Boarding houses are invited to
bury a time capsule to celebrate the world of boarding in 2016 to be opened
at the 75th anniversary of the BSA (2041).

When Wednesday 22 June

Time capsule creation guide
A time capsule can be as simple as a box full of
items reserved (or even forgotten) somewhere.
Other time capsules may need to last a very long
time, in which case a strong stainless steel container
is recommended, with a proper seal. Keep in mind
that creating a capsule for unveiling at some future
date is really a two sided adventure involving both
you and those who will uncover it once again. Make
sure that the items you select will add the element
of surprise and discovery for those who open this
curious treasure chest of history. Scroll past the
jump to learn how to make a time capsule that will
be sure to please and surprise whoever opens it.

1 Decide where you will store your time capsule.
Burial may not be the best choice, for several
reasons. It is very likely to be forgotten or lost,
and it is much more susceptible to damage from

2 Select a container. How much stuff do you want
to preserve for the future? Think about how long
this collection must last and where it will go. If
you will store it inside, at home, a shoebox, bin,
or old suitcase might be quite adequate. If you
plan to place the time capsule outdoors or bury
the time capsule, you will have to choose a
container that is highly weatherproof.

3 Collect the objects to go in your time capsule.
Who will open your time capsule, and what would
you like to tell them? Have fun with this step!
Objects for time capsules need not be of high
monetary value. Rather, choose things that reflect
the spirit of the present. What is unique about

If you wish, write and enclose your own description
of what it is like to live right now. Tell your future
audience about daily life. Talk about ordinary dayto-
day activities; current fads, fashions, attitudes,
and trends; how much everyday objects usually
cost; and anything else that you would like to say.
Anything that captures the spirit of the present is a
candidate, but you might want to consider things
like these:
• Popular toys or tools
• Labels or packaging of favorite foods or other
products. Include price tags, if you can
• Newspapers or magazines showing current
events or current trends
• Photographs
• Filled Journals
• Letters
• Currency
• Favourite things
• Clothes and fashion items of the current time
• Personal messages to and from others
• Indicators of high technology. Even if nobody can
read the contents of a DVD in 50 or 100 years,
you might still enclose one to demonstrate the
state of the art.

4 Do something to remind yourself or others of the
location of the time capsule and the date you
intend it to be opened.
5 Seal the time capsule to your satisfaction and
store it for the selected amount of time. Register
the time capsule and tweet @BSAboarding using
#BSAis50 if you want to make it more official. We
will post your images on the BSA website.

Project Gold Team

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