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28 Feb
Supporting Sixth Form boarders through thick and thin
28 Feb 2017 10:30 - 28 Feb 2017 15:30


This course is now fully booked,you may be interested in - Counselling for non-counsellors, 26 April 2017


Supporting Sixth Form boarders


Date: Tuesday February 28, 2017


Why should you attend? The complexities senior students experience in school and social situations can be complicated to understand and manage at the best of times. For House Masters, House Mistresses and pastoral care staff, their role is made more pressured because of the increasing number of students experiencing higher levels of emotional turmoil, social anxiety and mental resistance to overcome challenges. Key members of staff need additional tools to effectively build better relationships with senior students so they can communicate and support them with preventative pastoral care in the following targeted areas:

  • Mental Health
  • Negative Social Media
  • Resilience

If you are having to offer support or manage the behaviours or meets the needs, feelings and behaviour of teenagers of both sexes, then this workshop is aimed at you! The key note speakers will consider current thinking about a wide range of issues and situations, from teen relationships, school and work, to a teenager's social life and behaviour.


Topics Covered: This experiential, high energy, empowering and interactive session will inspire delegates to learn how to build the bridge of effective and focused communication between staff and students.


  • Positive Language
  • State Mastery
  • Emotional Empowerment
  • Creating Optimal Communication
  • Resourcefulness

The case studies and presentation will give staff tools they can use with senior students to turn resilience into empowerment, disappointment into resourcefulness and promoting Higher Intelligence for emotional equilibrium and success.

Audience: This workshop is open to any member of the school community: House staff, matrons, and teachers as well as  health  professionals,  those  involved  in  PSHE,  counsellors,  teaching  assistants,  enrichment officers, pastoral staff, school nurses and medical staff are all welcome.




Annette Du Bois

Annette Du Bois is a renowned Children’s and Teens Confidence development expert and author with over 15 years direct experience helping young people overcome mental blocks and psychological barriers. Annette developed the ‘CHAMPS Applied Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Transformation Coaching’ system, which is the only formulated and highly effective confidence and achievement coaching system for young people, achieving maximum and rapid results. Annette has worked with hundreds of young people, giving them tools and skills to overcome everyday challenges and mind based issues, such as fear, anxiety, body confidence, negative communication and limiting self esteem.She is the Sky Academy Ambassador for children’s confidence featuring on Sky News,  Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and a TEDx speaker on the subject of Mindfulness and Confidence in the Classroom. Having coached many teens in the boarding school environment, Annette understands how they feel and the different challenges they experience. This is often coupled with additional complexities of family pressure, academic expectations, social anxieties and communication challenges which can lead to mind based issues arising. Through CHAMPS Academy, Annette provides proactive solutions to help them effectively navigate through the cycles of school and home life and feel self assured in prominent social circles.

Ian Fox

Ian is an author, NLP Master Teacher, Language and Communication Expert. An acclaimed Martial Arts Mind Master, he’s spoken in front of audiences worldwide, appeared on TV and held Guinness World Records. Ian’s role in CHAMPS is one of continual support because he knows firsthand the importance of developing a positive young mind and proactive response to the challenges of being young today. He believes kids need the tools and skills to handle life and the confidence to grow and transcend through challenges. Ian draws on firsthand experience of being severely bullied at School and being left devoid of any confidence and communication skills. Through working with empowering role models and studying with masters of motivation, personal development and mental strength, Ian was able to overcome his inhibitions and self-imposed limitations to achieve at the highest levels in sport, in business and in life.Ian is now a sought after speaker on Empowerment, Mental Toughness and Mindfulness. You may have heard him on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2.


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