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11 May
Managing LGBT Issues in Boarding
11 May 2017 10:30 - 11 May 2017 15:30


Managing LGBT issues


Date: May 11, 2017


Audience: Any member of school staff. This workshop is as relevant to members of the school SMT as it is to pastoral and boarding staff.

Why should you attend? 9 in 10 secondary school teachers say homophobic bullying happens in their school, according to a poll. The YouGov survey, commissioned by Stonewall Scotland, also revealed that a third of teachers hear homophobic language from other staff. The poll suggests the problem is rife, but only 16% of teachers have had specific training to deal with it.


This workshop will provide an opportunity to consider the key issues for LGBT students in our schools and how we might better provide support.

Elly Barnes, Founder of 'Educate and Celebrate'

Elly Barnes was voted No: 1 in The Independent on Sundays Pink List 2011 for her commitment to LGBT in education and awarded a ‘highly commended’ by the TES ‘Teacher of the Year’ 2012. She began Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month celebrations at Stoke Newington School, Hackney, North London in 2005 with a view to eradicating homophobic language and challenging young peoples perceptions of LGBT people. As an experienced teacher, Elly went on to set up her own school as a Diversity Training Centre for teachers in 2010, offering LGBT training and INSET to teachers nationally in how to make their own schools LGBT friendly. This whole school approach was recognised by Ofsted as ‘a centre of best practice’ for successfully tackling homophobic bullying. Elly developed her ‘Educate and Celebrate’ national teacher training course and standards by drawing on her experiences of implementing the most effective strategies in the classroom and through using feedback from delegates to inform best practice. She is currently writing her dissertation for a Masters in Education exploring and researching an inclusive LGBT curriculum. Elly is the LGBT Schools Advisor for Birmingham City Council and Founder and Director of ‘Educate and Celebrate’. She is the Director of Education and Training for the charity LGBT History month Schools OUT and a regular speaker and writer on LGBT issues.

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