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16 Mar
The bully, victim and bystander - March 16, 2018
16 Mar 2018 10:30 - 16 Mar 2018 15:30


The bully victim and bystander 


Date: March 16, 2018


Why you should attend? This interactive training provides a creative support programme for all professionals that work with children and young people within a school setting. This in turn allows for children and young people to become more confident develop life skills and increase their emotional resilience. This seminar will teach positive assertiveness strategies (icebreakers, games, role-plays and movie clips) for group settings or one to one with solutions to bullying. Interactive exercises, sustainable resources and tools and techniques will allow for healthy progression of each pupil.



• Definition of bullying, cyber bullying and teasing
• Types and methods of bullying including cyber and sexting
• Best practice referral and disclosure routes
• Communication and listening skills
• E-Safety yop tips
• Confidence and assertive building tools and techniques
• Self esteem and the power of the self fulfilling prophecy
• The importance of body language
• Teaching the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive
• Identifying anger and the self seflection of body anger zones
• Anger management & relaxation techniques
• Friendship and relationship skills
• Sign posting and support.


Venue: Broadway House, Tothill Street, Westminster, SW1H 9NQ 


Cost: Member £200

           Non-member £250 


Broadway House, Tothill Street, Westminster , SW1H 9NQ, United Kingdom