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27 Nov
Supporting students through loss, divorce and associated emotional health issues
27 Nov 2019 - 27 Nov 2019

Supporting students through loss, divorce and associated emotional health issues


Date: November 27, 2019

Venue: Baden Powell House Conference Centre, 65 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London, SW7 5JS

Cost: Member £210 / Non-member £260

Audience: Boarding staff, Head of Boarding, Deputy Head, Medical staff



*Note: the venue for this seminar was updated on 20th November to accommodate additional attendees.


Why should you attend?

The rate of parental break ups has increased dramatically over the past 5 years. Young people frequently become victims of this and are sometimes stuck in between parents at war with each other. When someone in a family dies, it often leaves great sadness for students, who because of this, re-act adversely to the death. This course will outline the effects of loss, divorce and death on students, how and why they re-act the way they do and offer some proven ways of helping.



  1. To gain a deeper understanding of the effects of divorce on a young person
  2. To enable delegates to speak and listen to those affected by divorce with confidence
  3. To have a clear understanding of the impact of impending death and death itself
  4. To know how to speak to bereaved young people.




10 – 10:30        Tea/Coffee on arrival

10:30                Welcome and Introduction

10:35                Session 1 – Divorce, the effect on children and young people

11:30                Tea/Coffee

11:45                Session 2 – New families, stepfamilies and blended families

12:45                Lunch

13:30                Session 3 – Death, how to speak about it, how death affects children and young people and what to expect from children and young people

14:30                Tea/Coffee

14:45                Session 4 – Handling difficult questions

15:30                Close



Wider context and/or application to the Boarding sector:

Boarding schools provide a safe haven for young people going through the effects of divorce and death.  Boarding and teaching staff often want to help but worry that they may make the situation worse for the students. Death is a taboo subject in our culture, adults often do not know how to speak or listen to children when this has happened. Delegates will leave this course with a greater understanding of the effects of death and a clear way forward when helping young people through this.

Outcomes and resources:

Delegates will receive all training materials used and a pdf of the training PowerPoint.



Speaker: Jackie Cox

Jackie has trained teachers and teaching professionals on many issues surrounding young people for the past 30 years. She has a degree in Psychology and a diploma in counselling and is a very experienced counsellor, teacher and counselling supervisor working in schools and on an independent basis. Her casework, which covers more than 30 years, covers a wide variety of conditions concerning relationship, either with self or others. In 2005, she set up Jackie Cox Educational Training, where she is the sole trainer (  Jackie has had articles published on Self Harm and Mental Health issues in magazines and national newspapers.

Jackie works for Lighthouse Professional training and the BSA for their Professional Development Certificate and their Professional Practice Certificate as well as The Girls Day School Trust. Jackie worked as a Samaritan for many years where she undertook prison visits. Later she co-ordinated Harrow Victim Support Scheme and was the first counsellor to be trained specifically to deal with cases of rape. Jackie worked at Harrow School for more than 18 years, teaching PSHE and acting as a counsellor to the boys. In September 2007, she was appointed as the school counsellor for St Paul’s Girl’s school in Hammersmith, working mainly with the Senior girls, In September 2010, she was appointed as counsellor and trainer at St Helen’s School in Northwood.  Jackie works almost exclusively with older teens and with those who teach and support them.


65 Queen's Gate, London, Baden Powell House Conference Centre, 65–67 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, Greater London, SW7 5JS, United Kingdom