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25 Feb
BSA virtual day seminar: Secretaries and PA's boarding update
25 Feb 2021 - 25 Feb 2021




BSA virtual day seminar

Title: Secretaries and PA's boarding update


Date: February 25, 2021
Time: 10:30 - 12:30 and 13:30 - 15:30
Speaker: Mark Robinson, Senior Consultant, BSA
Audience: School Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, PA's


Despite working full time in a Boarding school, many 'office' and administrative staff who support the students may have little contact with boarding compared to other staff in the school. This seminar will give an overview of effective boarding provision, including the legal and regulatory aspects of caring for students, alongside additional topics; managing staff and effective communication and listening skills in a busy, school-based environment.

Often, administrative and support staff in a school are left to work in semi-isolation from students due to the nature of their roles and their working hours. This seminar will afford delegates the chance to develop a wider understanding of the issues faced by boarders and day students in their school. The seminar will also explore how great communication between all stakeholders in an organisation is a significant key to success for the organisation as a whole.


Training day breakdown:

  • The Boarding context, including safeguarding and current issues - this session will explore current boarding practice with particular focus on safeguarding and the legal and inspection requirements of pastoral care in our schools
  • Understanding the needs of the boarders - this session will focus on the emotional and physical needs of the boarders in your school
  • Working and communicating as a team - in this session the group will look at ways to effectively manage the various team members in a school, from your own office/administrative team, to the wider context of support, pastoral, medical and teaching staff
  • Managing difficult situations - effective communication skills are key to positive relationships in a school. This session will explore some of they key points to managing relationships and dealing with conflict, when it occurs.



Speaker: Mark Robinson, BSA, Senior Consultant
Mark has a Product Design Degree from Brunel University and a PGCE. His first post in independent education was as Assistant Master at Christ’s Hospital in Horsham where he held several positions including Assistant Housemaster to a junior boy’s boarding house. After five years he moved on to Ardingly College in West Sussex as a Head of Department and Housemaster to a joint day and boarding house. Mark has been an inspector on boarding inspections, an Assistant Housemaster to a girls’ boarding house and fully involved in teaching up to ‘A‘ Level.

In 2002 Mark gave up teaching to set up Mentor Education Services Ltd, a business offering education-related consultancy services to the independent sector, initially training, interview coaching and professional development but also marketing and pre-inspection to schools both in the independent and maintained sector.

Mark was appointed as Assistant Director of Training for the Boarding Schools’ Association in 2010, where he continued offering training and consultancy to independent and state schools both in the UK and around the world. In 2017 he was appointed as Deputy Head Pastoral at Collège du Léman in Switzerland, a large international boarding and day school. After gaining some further, valuable international experience, Mark returned to the UK to continue his training and consultancy in the Independent and state school sectors.


Virtual day seminar