Goldsmiths' Community Award
13th January 2020

Congratulations to the Bromsgrove School Service team who have made it through to the third round of the Goldsmiths’ Award to Community Engagement.

The award celebrates the positive impact schools have within their local communities, via their charitable and voluntary initiatives. The Award recognises, publicises and provides financial support to outstanding initiatives at schools which have community engagement at their heart.

Finalists will be invited to the magnificent Goldsmiths’ Hall in London, for a ceremony and a chance to showcase their community engagement activities. Financial prizes of upwards of £1,000 will be given to the successful schools and colleges invited to the Final, to facilitate the continuation and expansion of existing programmes.

The Bromsgrove Service team visits five local residential homes weekly where pupils organise games and activities for the residents. They also attend a local nursery once a week where they support the staff with activities and even given the children Mandarin lessons.

Many Bromsgrove pupils are learning British Sign language and they have had great success with their BSL Café.  Students from a local school for the hearing impaired are invited for a coffee morning where they can communicate in sign language with their peers. Elsewhere, they have recently started a relationship with a local food bank, The Basement Project in Bromsgrove

A group of the School’s pupils have been working on improving the sustainability of the School and have started an eco-club. They have initially undertaken tasks such as litter picking in the local community but are looking at ways at increasing recycling and energy consumption.

Last year, the School obtained its first bee colony with the aim of aiding the conservation of the local bee populations. Pupils have worked to build and maintain the hives, as well as campaign to increase local biodiversity. They are looking forward to selling their first batch of honey and have already made candles from the wax – profits of which went towards Primrose Hospice.

“Service is at the heart of what we do at Bromsgrove; our motto is Deo, regi, vicino (For God, for King, for Neighbour)” said Miss Phoebe Woolley, Head of Bromsgrove Service. It was very easy for me to write about all of the wonderful initiatives that we have at Bromsgrove School; from our visits to local residential homes, to our Deaf Culture and Communication group hosting café mornings for local teens with hearing impairments, to our fundraising in aid of Primrose Hospice. Our students work hard to contribute to their local community in a positive way and it is lovely having the opportunity to showcase this”.

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