Rydal Penrhos' charity efforts in Uganda praised
26th October 2015

A group of pupils and staff at a Colwyn Bay school have been praised for their charity work in Africa during the summer.

Throughout the year the Rydal Penrhos had been raising funds for a new primary school building in the small Batwa community of Rwamahano, Uganda, which was devastated by severe storms and flooding.

As part of their July mission the team, which consisted of ten pupils, spent two days laying the foundations for primary school buildings near Lake Bunyonyi, Kabale.

Faith Tushabe, executive director at charity African International Christian Ministry, who worked with the school during the project, said: “Their free interaction, participation in carrying sand, bricks and in building the school is an experience still fresh in the minds of the people in Rwamahano.

“None of the AICM staff and the community anticipated the hard work of the staff and the Rydal Penrhos team, and it will always be memorable to us.


The Rydal Penrhos group with the students of Shuuku Secondary School

“How humbling it was for the teenage students to leave the comfort of their homes to come to Africa to help our cause. We cannot say thank you enough.”

In addition to their efforts restoring a primary school, the group also aided farmers in Mbarara with the construction of an orchard farm and met with blind students and their teachers at both primary and secondary sections of Hornby School in Kabale.

They also donated money, clothing and equipment to the Rwamahano project.

Rev. Nick Sissons, chaplain at Rydal Penrhos, said: “This is a very warm endorsement of what we achieved in the summer and the impression made by the Rydal Penrhos School team.

“It's good to see things moving ahead, especially as we are preparing to raise more funds for the work.”


Interacting with staff and students of Hornby High Blind Section 

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