Clwyd West MP David Jones visits Rydal Penrhos School
21st March 2016

Rydal Penrhos School was honoured to welcome Clwyd West MP David Jones for a special visit last week.

The long-standing Conservative MP visited both the Senior and Prep schools on Friday, March 11.

During the visit he was presented with a card from the Prep School Eco Committee, which highlights what they love about our world and what their wish for our world is, as it is threatened by climate change.

Mr Jones then descended on the Senior School, where he gave a talk on how he got into politics, his life in Parliament and why politics matters, before taking part in a question and answer session with Year 10, 11 and Sixth Form pupils.

Rev’d Nick Sissons, chaplain at Rydal Penrhos, said: “The idea for this occasion had come about during a Year 11 PSHE lesson on Politics last November when the class emailed Mr Jones to ask if he would come in to school to talk about his work. 

“To his credit before the lesson was over an email was received back saying how pleased Mr Jones would be to come and do just that.

“After speaking for a short while on how he got into politics and why he thinks politics matters Mr Jones fielded a range of questions which students had earlier been invited to draft for consideration.

“The MP spoke passionately about his opinions on these matters and pupils were given the opportunity to come back at him or to develop the discussion.

“I would like to thank Mr Jones for finding the time to come and share his ideas and passions with the school.

“I don’t know whether he persuaded any of us to change our minds, but he gave many of us food for thought and an insight into what it means to be a Member of Parliament and for those gifts we thank him sincerely.”


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