Canes donated to Ugandan Blind School thanks to Rydal Penrhos fundraising efforts
20th April 2016

A number of canes for a Ugandan Blind School donated by Rydal Penrhos have arrived at their destination.

Money raised from the school’s Osborn Day in September paid for the white canes, which were given to the Hornby Junior School Blind Section in Kabale as part of Rydal Penrhos’ ongoing charity work in the country.

Among the fundraising events that took place throughout the day included a blind football match, where pupils and staff encountered some of the difficulties facing the children they were raising money for.

Rev’d Nick Sissons, chaplain and Uganda co-ordinator at Rydal Penrhos, said: “Each cane was measured to suit the height of the child and depending on how they walk has their chosen preference of tip.

“But the greatest thing is to see the excitement of the students and to know that we have played our part in helping their mobility around the school. It was a fantastic effort by our pupils and staff and we

The school was visited by Ugandan princess Jacklet Atuhaire on Saturday, April 10, where she was given a tour of the site before discussions on the charity work taking place.

The next scheduled charity mission to Uganda is set to take place in July next year, and Mrs Atuhaire extended an invitation to the group to visit their palatial home which belongs to one of the traditional royal families in Uganda.

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