Importance of education beyond the classroom is emphasised at Giggleswick Speech Day
10th June 2016

Importance of education beyond the classroom is emphasised by Headmaster at Giggleswick School’s Speech Day and Prize Giving 2016

Giggleswick School’s annual Speech Day and Prize Giving took place on Saturday 28 May. The event celebrates the success of all its pupils, as well as awarding prizes and honours to those excelling in both academic and co-currciular subjects such as sport, music and performing arts.

275 pupils were awarded prizes and honours this year, with guest speaker Alex Thursby handing out the awards before addressing parents, alumni and pupils. 

Mr Thursby is Group Chief Executive Officer of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi which he joined from ANZ Bank where he was CEO of International and Institutional Banking. He and his family are from Appleby, Cumbria and with Mr Thursby’s career requiring global travel, all four of his children have boarded at the School.

It was an emotional day for Mr Thursby and his family as it also saw his daughter, Georgina, his youngest child, make a closing speech as Deputy Head of School. Mr Thursby’s association with the School began 19 years ago, when his eldest son first joined Giggleswick, and the whole family attended the event.

In his annual speech, Headmaster Mark Turnbull stressed the importance of a well-rounded education that stretches beyond the classroom:
Exams are significant, and we must do our very best to support children to achieve the best they can in these. But they actually just take you to the next step in life, often therefore just the next step. Surely education in not just about this. As American psychologist BF Skinner suggests, 'education is what remains after what you have learned has been forgotten'. It is the responsibility of schools to prepare all children to lead happy and fulfilling lives. Understanding that some of the most important parts of our education take place beyond the classroom not only starts to recognise what a good education should include but it also clearly shows how independent education is so well equipped to achieve this.

Parents, alumni and friends were then able to tour the school to view pupil’s work of the past year which included A Level Art exam pieces, the school’s kit car project, performances from the school’s band, Design Technology projects, Science experiments, Language displays and rehearsals for the School’s next production, Honk!.

1.    Alex Thursby and Mark Turnbull on Speech Day - credit B.P.M Harris Photography

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