Debate on homework for pupils
4th October 2016

Rydal Penrhos’ headmaster elect Simon Smith has joined the debate surrounding homework for pupils.

With a recent BBC Education feature highlighting what could be s shift in principles surrounding homework for some schools, Mr Smith has stated 

He said: “Personally I feel homework has an important role in developing those independent study skills and the discipline required of further study in the Sixth Form and at university. 

“Homework (or Prep) should, however, consist of a variety of tasks to it keep it fresh, interesting and effective. It might be for revision, reinforcement or to research something new. 

“It can also be quite liberating and might be to encourage further reading or allow for more creative/digital activities. It should be differentiated and for younger pupils, particularly, with parameters in terms of time and expectations.”

It comes after a school in the United States is scrapping homework in favour of “doing things that are proven to correlate with student success”, while secondary school in Essex is scrapping the traditional approach to homework, allowing pupils to choose tasks rather than having a set amount of work to be completed.

Mr Smith, who will take up his new role in January, also said that being part of a boarding school gives you that “supportive environment” needed to produce beneficial homework consistently.

“Prep might also be completed in subject specific areas or as part of a workshop type event,” added the headmaster elect.

“For a pupil sitting at home, alone, struggling with a concept or the repetitive nature of the task I can see why homework may be viewed with suspicion and disdain but when it’s enriching, collaborative and enhances progress then it is an invaluable tool in a teacher’s armoury and we welcome it’s place  in our learning.”


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