KS3 Showcases
16th May 2018

Last week Leweston’s pupils performed in their annual KS3 Showcase Performances.

After weeks of performing arts lessons and hard work, covering three genres, the pupils performed three brilliant productions. Leweston continues to believe that Performing Arts was allocated a place on the curriculum, not to produce the perfect ‘show’ but to promote confidence and communication through patience, understanding, inclusiveness and forgiveness.

Year 7 performed the Greek drama, ‘Frogs’ by ‘Aristophanes’, a play with interchangeable characters and humour. Year 8 performed the Musical Theatre piece ‘The Addams Family’ and Year 9’s Theatre in Education project was ‘I love you Mum’ by Mark Wheeler, based on original interviews. The play was commissioned by the parents of 16 year old Daniel Spargo-Mabbs after his drug related death. Originally written for 16 players, Year 9 adapted it to involve a large ensemble while adhering to the core principles of verbatim theatre. The performance was used as a fundraising project for the DSM Foundation and the pupils have now raised over £600.

The showcase represented a different journey for each pupil taking part and those that teach them appreciate the continued support of the school and our audiences.