Year 10 group record outstanding early GCSE marks
23rd August 2018

A large number of Year 10 pupils at Rydal Penrhos have recorded impressive GCSE examination marks a year early.

As results were published nationwide on Thursday, August 23, a total of six pupil managed to score the best possible GCSE and iGCSE marks as a result of their outstanding application throughout the academic year.

Kevin Farrell was one of the standout performers from the year group, achieving A* marks in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, in addition to a 9 mark in Mathematics in accordance with the new grading system.

Others to achieve this remarkable feat were Harry Grocott, Morgan Kendall, Vanessa Ma, Richard Wolfendale and Alicia Zhou, continuing the school’s outstanding set of early exam results in recent years.

Nicholas Riding also secured A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with an eight mark in Mathematics.

This added to the overall success of GCSE candidates, who attained 33.9 per cent of all grades at A* (9 and 8), which is the highest on record.

A total of 51.1 per cent of all final marks were A*-A (9-7); the second highest ever percentage at the school, and 28 of all entries scored a nine in accordance with the new grading system.

The number of pupils that achieved A*-C (9-4) grades was 94.4 per cent across the 15 subjects offered at GCSE in addition to the three sciences, English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

Deputy Head Tim Cashell, said: “This is a truly outstanding effort from our Year 10 pupils, who have all thrived with the extra pressure of examinations this year and all are to be congratulated on their efforts.

“We pride ourselves on academic excellence at Rydal Penrhos, and this is further evidence of the continuous hard work demonstrated by staff and pupils alike during the academic year.”

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