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Boarding Bake off Competiton

Boarding Bake off Competition

Thursday June 20, 2019 at Dean Close School, Cheltenham 


All boarding pupils


Participants may enter any recipe and it does not need to be an original created by the entrant. Recipes may come from cookbooks, magazines, websites or any other means. Participants may choose from the below categories for their entry. With the exception of cookies and squares, all entries should be pre-baked and decoration will take place during the competition. All bakes will be inspected prior to decoration.
Please note pre-made cake mixes are not permitted. 

Permitted baked goods entries:

Cakes. All cakes must be evenly risen, tender, light, springy, free from sogginess in centre and have no noticeable flavour of egg, oil, baking soda etc. Not to include fresh cream. Decoration to be completed during the competition.
Cup cakes. Entrants must present a selection of three varieties to include chocolate, lemon and one other favour of the competitors choice including two of each variety of cup cake (six in total). Cup cakes should be pleasing in appearance, texture and taste. Not to include fresh cream. Decoration to be completed during the competition. 
Cookies and squares. To be baked during the competition. All cookies and squares should be uniform in size and shape, have even colour, and be free from surface flour. Thickness to suit the mixture; thin cookies should be crisp.
Dessert tarts. Bases may be produced in advance and presented in a circular form (pastry bases only) for a minimum of six portions.One slice must be removed for judges to taste. A suitable sauce or garnish may be served separately if desired. The number of portions should be clearly identifiable. Fillings to be completed during the heat. All tarts are to be of the dessert variety.

All ingredients to be provided by the participant.

Application Form

Deadline for applications is 31st May 2019