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National Boarding Day

National Boarding Day sponsored by Squadkit 

October 5, 2019

National Boarding Day will take place on Saturday October 5th. This year, the day is set to celebrate an essential part of boarding life; sport. In collaboration with our generous sponsors, @Squadkit, a unique brand that offers high quality sportswear to many of our member schools, we invite schools to get involved in fun and innovative sporting activities. Could your pupils run the UK in a day? Or how about making quite the ‘racket’ with a twelve-hour continuous tennis match?  These are only two of the many ideas you could engage with. 

Once again, we will be using the hashtag #iloveboarding on all social media platforms, so make sure to tag your posts to share what you get up to and follow the tag to see how the day unfolds nationally.

We hope the day successfully shows the love of boarding not just in your own schools but nationally across social media and truly celebrates the importance of sport within school life. So don’t forget #iloveboarding

Stuck for ideas? Or want to share what you’ve gotten up to directly with us? Email, or tag us @BSABoarding

Watch our National Boarding Day video for more info!